Onboarding Video Script (387 words)

Welcome to the Tasker App Tutorial.

This is where you will spend most of your time as a Tasker. Here you can manage tasks, invoice your clients and access support. The first step to being hired by a client is to set your schedule. Here, you can set your availability for the days and times that you can work. Once your schedule is up to date, toggle on your ‘Available to respond’ button in order to appear in the search results. If you cannot respond to new task requests within 30 minutes, be sure to switch it off.

Once a client selects you from the search results, you will receive a push notification to your phone. Be sure to address it within 30 minutes.

Here you will find the task details. Before you confirm the task, remember to send the client a message. Sending this message stops the 30 minute timer. Now, let’s ask the client for more information. Be sure to ask about the scope, expenses and the time required.

You can also use the chat to document and communicate task details. Do this as a running record with your client. Now, based on the information, you can decide whether to confirm or forfeit the task. Then, schedule the task based on the time and date you and the client agreed on.

When the task is complete, simply tap ‘I’m done’. Enter the number of hours worked, expenses, and mark it ‘ongoing’ if you plan to work with the client again.

In the available tasks door, you can also view and accept work on demand. You do not need to be available to respond to see these tasks. They are first come first serve and maybe outside of your work area, categories or hourly rate. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to chat with the client before accepting, so review task information carefully before confirming.

You can also turn on push notifications in order to be alerted when Available Tasks match your skill set and categories. Any completed tasks can be reviewed in the ‘Transaction History’. Once you start tasking, you can see how you are performing by checking the ‘Performance’ tab. You can update your profile. Find your custom URL and referral code, and access our support team for any tasking related questions or on task emergencies.