Onboarding Video Script (258 words)

Get ready for yet another TalentLMS update chock full of great new features.

We have three main headliners starting with infographic reports, which make it super easy to create an overview of your training results in a form that stakeholders will actually enjoy reading and it’s super easy to get your very own infographic report from the reports section.

Next, is the much needed undo delete feature. Even with the delete warning sometimes courses or users get wiped away by accident or simply need to be reactivated. Now, you can undo the error with a click of a button.

You can find this feature in your extended timeline, simple as that. While enrollment stats can tell you a lot they don’t tell you much about true course popularity but with our new five-star ranking system you will know which courses are really striking a chord with learners just turn the system on for your account and settings page, easy peasy.

Those are our headliners but there are a bunch of other updates that will be super important to a lot of you, such as better support and features for multiple choice questions and a new integration with GoToTraining.

There is also the new ability to forward TinCan statements to an external learning record store. Show Course fields on the course info screen improvements to messaging and an even richer timeline.

That’s all for now your. TalentLMS account already has all these new powers so head on over and play around. Enjoy.

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