Onboarding Video Script (348 words)

Welcome to shift!

We are so glad you’re here, now that you’ve downloaded shift let’s build your workstation. First you’ll be asked to create a primary, shift account this is your main account and the email you’ll use each time you sign in to shift on any device.

Next let’s connect any of your additional email accounts, shift supports Gmail Outlook and office 365. Now it’s time to add all of your favorite apps, shift supports Facebook, Slack, Messenger, Whatsapp and hundreds of others.

Finally will you choose dark theme or light theme select your favorite look adjust your sidebar width and get started. To really get the full benefits of shift we recommend connecting all of your accounts and apps that you use day to day.

Want to reorder them for easier access, you can drag and drop them like this, don’t forget mail calendar and drive are located on the top right. Choose your favorite Google service and keep it pinned as your fourth tab or switch it out whenever you like.

Shift gives you the freedom to work the way you want, so go ahead and connect all your favorite apps. Head into settings then click on the apps directory tab to explore all of your options, you can also enable popular Chrome extensions like Boomerang, Grammarly, HubSpot and more.

Now let’s customize your notifications, choose your favorite setting or mute them entirely when you want to focus, ready to try our cross account unified search, click on the icon right above your primary account and search across all your mail calendar and Drive accounts.

Power up the way you switch between your most used accounts by using the shortcut command Tildy on Mac or Ctrl tab on Windows need to look something up, open up a web tab for quick focused browsing organized by account, it’s an easy way to keep your work and personal research separate, shift is your personal workstation so we encourage you to build and customize it so it’s right for you.

Ready to get started continue on to complete setup.