Onboarding Video Script (289 words)

Welcome to the introduction video of Rydoo Expense. We know It’s not always easy to keep track of all the different expenses and receipts especially if you travel a lot. Rydoo will make it easier for you.

When you open the web application you will arrive at the dashboard where you will see an overview of all your expenses. From here, you can upload a receipt and check on the status of your expenses.

You can upload a receipt directly from your computer, take a screenshot via the webcam or fill in the expense manually. If you have a digital receipt in your mailbox you can simply forward it to receipts@rydoo.com and it will be added to your account.

In addition to receipts, you can also create a mileage or a per diem expense. If you prefer working with the mobile application, that’s also possible.

Snap a picture of your receipt, and let the app extract the date, amount, merchant and currency for you. Need to add extra information? Just fill in the required fields.

Every expense has a status to keep you informed. If your expense is incomplete it will show the status ‘to be verified’.Once you’ve filled in all required fields, your expenses status will change to ‘to submit’. Your expense can then be ‘submitted’ and will remain that way until your approver takes action. If an expense is ‘rejected’ you can open the expense to see the rejection reason, modify and resubmit if needed.

Once ‘approved’, your expense will undergo a second level of approval with the status ‘controlled’. Your expense is in its final stages when it shows the status ‘reported’ to indicate that the expense was processed and awaiting reimbursement.