Onboarding Video Script (313 words)

If you want to take meaningful action on customer feedback you’ll have to dive deep into it.

BirdEye lets you visualize data from every angle turning mountains and reviews and ratings into clean straightforward reports.

Go to your reports tab. The first thing you’ll see are your reviews and ratings over time you can view this in graph form or as a chart.

You can also see your reviews and ratings by source which sites do your customers post on most often and which sites are you rated highest.

You can compare performance across branches by viewing reports by location. Refine you own criteria as needed maybe you want to see reports by region, state, city and branch or territory you can even get custom reports comparing locations within and across these parameters.

See how long it takes your team to address reviews that have been ticketed for service by measuring response time over time and by location.

Measure positive and negative sentiment based on star ratings from all your views. Green is positive, yellow is neutral, red is negative.

Track your Net Promoter Score from surveys that blue line tells you your ratio of promoters to detractors. Click on traffic to see how many visitors actually read reviews and on which sites.

Usage reports show you how well each of your feedback solicitation campaigns converted into new reviews for each business location.

Then over here service reports shows you how long it takes an issue to actually be resolved after you’ve ticketed it for service, measure this overtime or by owner the owner is the employee assigned to the ticket so basically from one dashboard you’re able to see how happy your customers are, where and when they’re the happiest and how well your team is taking care of them in real time that’s how to manage reports in the BirdEye platform.