Onboarding Video Script (192 words)

So hopefully able to get to this part of the QuickStart documentation of getting your actual CMS set up on your status site. My status site actually has a blog portion and here I’ve got some related stories and now I have the bill that actually put a slash admin, to then see the list of my blogs. I first only want to change the title of this blog, so I’m going to go ahead and do that right now.

I like this title but actually want to go ahead and change it to something a little more descriptive. ‘A beginner’s guide to brewing coffee with Chemex’. I cannot make it save, and now if I have see this is actually going to save this and create a commit straight to github on my repo.

I go to my latest commits, I can see the last commit actually adds the word coffee to my title. Perfect, so now let’s go back to my site,check out my blog and you can already see the word coffee is in the title. Live and ready to go in production. All things to Netlify CMS.