Kajabi has found a genius way to announce updates to their knowledge commerce saas. The structure updates into development cycles, give them not only a name but even a logo, and then market the heck out of them: Kajabi co-founder Kenny Ruether announces the newest feature in the setting of their offices in a casual way, with some short overlays of screenshots or screencasts. Perfectly authentic, and showing how much Kajabi cares about helping their customers. Check out all  Kajabi feature rollup blog posts, announcing new rounds of features with videos.

Onboarding Video Script (701 words)

It’s time for another Feature Rollup. Last time I told you our current development cycle is called Ascender. And we’ve got some byproducts of Ascender to tell you about right now, even though this cycle is not done yet, we have some new features that we’ve already put out there for you.

And so I just want to kind of go through these and tell you what’s new inside Kajabi. So this first one actually is not from Ascender, it’s a holdover from Cornell. And this is a hugely requested feature, and that’s the ability to import your own contacts.

Now, you heard me right, you can take your list if you’re on a MailChimp or a ConvertKit or something like that, you can take your list and actually put it into Kajabi and use it for sending your email broadcasts and your mail sequences. And so this is a hugely requested feature, like I said, and now this has really been the barrier for a lot of you to fully embrace the Kajabi email system. Now you can use it fully.

So that’s the one we’re extremely proud of. The other one is from Ascender is now you have landing page presets when you’re using pipelines. So what I mean by that is, if you’re in a pipeline, and you say you want to add a new page to your pipeline, it kind of asks you what type of page do you want? And if you pick that page, then it says ‘Okay, what do you want to use as a starting point for that page’ –  and it visually shows you some pictures, just to get you headed in the right direction.

Obviously, it’s using Premier you can go in and customize whatever you want. But it’s a nice visual starting point. If you kind of know the direction you want your pipeline pages to go. Another one is, this is a big one – I know some of you have really, really asked a bunch about it. Is the ability to put your landing pages into draft mode.

So now you can have them published and the public can see it or at anytime you can say draft and then the public can’t see it anymore. So that’s, that’s really big. That’s important. If you want some time to work on your page without the fear of somebody actually seeing it before you’re ready for having them see it.

Another one is also on  landing pages you can hide your pages from search engines now. This is a simple checkbox but this tells Google and the other search engines don’t index this page. So we don’t want them to show up for users.There’s a lot of times you might want to use this. And so this is a big requested feature as well. So you can kind of just check that box and it’s hidden from search engines.

Another one is an update to Premier. And this is a little checkbox if you use the header section on Premier. To enable on your landing page is the user, the avatar circle up there, are showing the currently logged in user. So you could currently do this on the Premier site theme, but now on the Premier landing pages as well, you can keep that cohesive look. So if the users already logged in, and they’re on one of your landing pages, it shows them that they’re logged in.

That’s a big one. And finally, for this Feature Rollup is the ability to put in a primary video on blog posts. So you’ll know up until today, you can throw on an embed code from YouTube or something like that in your blog, but you couldn’t use the Kajabi powered video in your blog post. But now today you can upload your video, Kajabi will encode it, and it’s built in part of the Kajabi now on your blog post. So those are just a few of the things coming in Ascender. These are all available to you now, and we’ve got so much more in Ascender to tell you about in the coming weeks. See you then!