Onboarding Video Script (340 words)

Welcome to this guided video tutorial to setup your Crisp. I’m Baptiste, CEO at Crisp. The first thing you need to do is to set up the Crisp chatbox code. To do it, you to need to click the following button, websites, and integrations then.

If you have a custom website, just copy and paste the following code.  If you have a WordPress or an other CMS, just follow the instructions. We also made video tutorials for that.

Now you can customize the Crisp Chat. You just need to go to your website settings. Chatbox and email settings then. Finally Chatbox appearance. From there, you can customise your website chat colors.

You can also change the website language.

Use the advanced customisation plugin if you need a custom color code. Invite your colleagues so they can chat with your customers. You need to go to the website settings as well and add an operator to the team. You can invite as owner, or as a simple member.

Install the Crisp App on your phone or on your desktop, so don’t miss a notification! Just go on crisp.chat/apps to download the apps.

Using Crisp, it’s possible to link your user social networks, so you can reply to your Facebook messenger customers or Twitter customers directly from Crisp. You just need to go to plugins and then to connect with Messenger or with Twitter.

By going to your account settings, you can update your name, language, or your avatar. You can also update your notification settings so you can be notified when a new user is coming on your website.

If you are a developer, or if you have a developer in your team, you can use the Crisp SDK so you can push your user data in your Crisp. To do it, you just need to go to help.crisp.chat and then to the developer section. Now, you are set. Thank you for watching this video and don’t hesitate to watch our two other video tutorial.