Onboarding Video Script (490 words)

After you installed Drift to your website you want to make sure that you download the mobile app to your device and make sure everyone on your team does the same. We have apps for iOS and Android and in this video we’ll talk about exactly how to go and find those apps right now.

When you’re installing Drift you want to take it one step further and make sure that you’ve got all the other apps installed that go along with Drift so you’ll never miss a notification and you’ll always be there when people who are on your website ready to buy now.

So if you go to drift.com we will start out by looking for the mobile app and now you can go to drip.com and scroll the very bottom and you’re gonna find links to the app stores of choice, now you’ve got your iOS app and your Google Play app, so your Android is gonna be taken care of right there.

I often sometimes just go and go to Google and you can find iOS app for Drift messaging. You type in Drift app for iOS, Drift messaging app for iOS and find it either way you’re gonna get to the same place. And here I am at the Drift app store preview and then this can launch off iTunes.

I’m typically actually going to do this from my phone so if you pull up your phone grab the App Store type in Drift for sales, Drift messaging for sales just everything you see here in this title what you’ll find is this app and you download this app and you’ll be able to speak with your customers from anywhere because what Drift is here to do is help you connect now with customers who are ready to buy now.

That’s why we want to make sure all of your sales reps have this available on their phone so that just like a text message or Whatsapp or a Facebook message you’ll be able to receive the messages that are most important to you at any given time. So you’ve got the the iOS app here you’ve got the Android app and again for this purpose I just went to Google and typed an Android app for Drift messaging.

And in this case there is a page on our site that it brought me to which is nice and this is one of the one of those pages that we go to sometimes and it says download Drift now for Android. And this is gonna bring me back to the Google Play place where I can do just about anything that I want so Google Play Store it’s going to allow me to install that app. Having this on your phone takes you to the next level, you’re going to be able to really message with people and have conversations on the go.