Onboarding Video Script (429 words)

Welcome to Slack! We’re glad you’re here. We’ve put together a few tips to help your team get going with Slack. To start off, invite a small group of teammates you work closely with every day. Ask them to download our desktop and mobile apps, so you get the best experience possible.

To invite your team, go to Team Settings, then Team Sign Up mode. You can invite people

directly, but allowing anyone with your company’s email address to join is a faster way to manage your Slack team as it grows. And hey, don’t forget to send your teammates the Team URL, so they know where to sign up.

A great way to try out Slack is to choose a project and agree to use only Slack for all of your project-specific communications. You and your team will get the most out of this pilot project when your conversations, files, and tasks all happen in Slack. You’ll also feel pretty good about what your email inbox looks like at the end of each day.

Start by using public channel so that all your conversations are right there for everyone to see, making it easy for people to get what they need and make decisions together. Everything shared in channels is instantly searchable, so you don’t have to waste time hunting in folders or threads for information. So now that you can see what everyone’s working on, drop a few meetings — always a popular move.

We get that you already use a lot of different tools every day. Pick a few Slack integrations to try out with your team so you can get a sense of how nicely everything can work together. For example, set up the Google Drive integration and simply paste a file’s URL to a channel. This will share the file with everyone on your team so you can work together in real time. It also means the contents of the document (or whatever you share) will be indexed and searchable right in Slack.

After you and your pilot team feel comfortable, go ahead and invite the rest of your team. Be sure to explain what Slack is and help your teammates get set up. You can even create a #slack-tips channel and pin links to our Getting Started guides and our Help Center for easy reference.

Use this channel to help show your new team members around Slack and answer their questions. Now that you have the basics of Slack, you’re ready to jump in.