Onboarding Video Script (582 words)

In this video, we’ll explore how to create and send your first campaign. Remember, you can enable captions in your language by clicking the video settings gear icon.

After signing in, create a new campaign by clicking this shortcut on your dashboard, or on “Campaigns” in the top menu. Click the “Create a New Campaign” button to get started.

Fill in the form with your campaign details. Give your campaign a name. Then add a subject line and sender. From here, you can also select Advanced Settings to personalize your header, footer or attach a file.

These are settings that can help affect your campaign’s performance, so take a moment to review these carefully. Finished with the first step? Click on “Next” to continue.

It’s time to select an email design tool. We’ll review both options together. If you already have your own HTML content, choose the HTML/Simple Text Editor.

Copy your HTML code and right click to paste it into the HTML Editor. Click “save” to preview your email and continue.  Want to make a change? You can always edit your campaign from this screen.

Now, we’ll create a campaign with the responsive design builder.

Most emails are opened on mobile devices, so it’s important to create responsive designs that adapt to your reader’s screen size. With SendinBlue, you don’t need any HTML or coding knowledge to create amazing emails!

You can start your design from scratch by dragging, dropping and customizing design blocks. Or, start with a free design template from SendinBlue’s library. It’s easy to find the perfect one your needs. Then, customize the design blocks with your own text and images, add and remove elements, and move them to create the perfect layout. Click on a block, or an element within a block, to view the editing options.

The responsive design builder is packed with creative tools. To explore these features in detail, check out our next video called “Designing a Mobile-Friendly Email”.

It’s easy to create a beautiful, engaging email in just a few minutes. Click on the “Save and quit” button to review your email.

After reviewing your design, send a proof to see how it looks in your inbox. At the bottom of the page, enter your email in the send a proof text box to receive a test version of your campaign.

You’ll receive a test email shortly, so that you can see exactly what your recipients will receive.

When you’re ready to move on, click next to choose the recipients for your campaign.

Expand a folder to select specific contact lists.

You can also filter contacts within your list(s) to create a targeted segment. Filter by a contact attribute, or previous email activity.

Finally, you can select one or multiple lists to exclude from your campaign, if desired. Then, click ‘next’ to schedule or send your campaign. Schedule your campaign by selecting a sending date and time. Click confirm, and then review your schedule details.

Click “Yes” to approve the scheduled campaign. Now you can review a list of scheduled campaigns.  To share a scheduled campaign, click Actions and Share. This share link is active before and after your campaign sends. Once your campaign has sent, visit the “Sent” tab to view your campaign report.

Thanks for exploring SendinBlue with us today. If you don’t already have a free SendinBlue account, visit sendinblue.com to create one.