Onboarding Video Script (153 words)

Setting up a WordPress site can take a while. Creating your theme and installing plugins can take hours, and it’s one part of whipping up WordPress sites that no designer enjoys doing. That’s why we created Blueprints! Instead of manually installing those standard elements of your sites, like the guy on the left, the girl on the right is using Flywheel’s Blueprints feature.

Blueprints allows you to create a standard template of pre-installed themes and plugins. Once a Blueprint is created, all you have to do is hit the gear drop-down, select the create site, and ta-da! Those themes and plugins will be automatically installed without you wasting a bunch of hours tirelessly clicking and waiting. See! That was easy, well, at least it was for her.

Start using Blueprints today, and free up some time for the things you really love to do… or you could help a friend set up Blueprints!