Onboarding Video Script (352 words)

Hi my name is Doug and I’m here on the customer success team at Upfluence. There are a few updates on the software that I just wanted to make you aware of.

One of them is the new notification system I’m not sure if you realize as of yet but we do have a notification system  right now that’ll let you know if there’s any new activity on any of these parts of the platform. So as you can see like the stream right here there’s the set up red tab showing me that there’s been some new activity on my stream.

The other two things that I wanted to mention one being the changes on the emailing campaign side, so if you look right here you now have the ability to select either let’s say the people that opened the campaign, replied, engage.

You can actually click on all the people that open this campaign and export those influencers into the list workflow, emailing campaign to monitor them when you’re exporting them into another emailing campaign that actually lets you have a emailing campaign lifecycle so let’s say everyone that opened but hasn’t responded you would be able to export them into a new emailing campaign and let’s say send a follow-up email, so that’s really interesting.

The other update to the software you’ll be able to see if you go to customize template, and you go down here to the bottom left. You can actually send a test email based on the influencers that you’ve exported into that emailing campaign.

So for example, right here I can select Sunny and send myself an email and all of the merge fields will work directly for Sunny’s profile and I’ll just say send email and as you can see the test email is sent to myself.

Those are the updates that have been made there’s much more to come in the future. If you have any questions please feel free to let us know by sending a message directly through the software. I hope all is well and have a nice day.