DropBox produced several versions of this user onboarding video for their new SaaS DropBox Paper - different lengths, even different speakers for every English accent out there. After logging into DropBox paper for the very first time, a welcome popup great the user, offering short advice where to start and the option to watch this video.

Onboarding Video Script (157 words)

OK team, we’ve got a pitch to win!
I want everyone working together on this.
So let’s start a Dropbox Paper doc.

I’ll set it up.
And… it’s shared.

Ben, you’re presenting so you get to choose the title.
Could you add the points from the slide we presented last week?
Perfect. Nice formatting.

Steph, I loved your designs.
Can you drop some in?
Ooo, that one is great! Make it bigger.

What do we think about this as a soundtrack?
Too slow? What about this?

OK, a lot to do here. Better delegate…
Edwin, you OK to handle that?
And Steph, all good from your end? Nice.

OK, now let’s drop in all of the other files we need.
Yes, that’s it! So much good stuff here!

I’ve got to run, but I can jump in from my phone or tablet. So don’t stop.
Nice work, team!

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