Onboarding Video Script (237 words)

Today we were introducing a brand new animation system for Divi and extending these advanced animation options to every Divi module, row and section. These new options have been consolidated into a slick new interface that is incredibly easy to use while still allowing you to customize every aspect of your animation. We know that our going to have a blast creating cool effects that bring your pages to life and engage with your visitors in fun new ways.

The new animation system comes with seven unique animation styles including fade, slide, zoom, bounce flip fold and roll each animation style creates a unique effect that can be used for different types of content and each style can be highly customized using our advanced animation controls. You can make your animation fast and snappy or smooth and subtle you can change the direction adjust the timing add delay and create the perfect series of animations for your page.

Animated elements can be combined to create beautiful animation series using staggered delays and intensities and the results can be quite stunning. Just take a look at some of the pages our team was able to build using these new controls.

The new animation system is available today so download Divi and take a first look. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great Divi updates coming your way.