Onboarding Video Script (186 words)

Welcome to your DroneDeploy dashboard, from here you can create, view and manage all of your DroneDeploy projects whether that’s a new construction site, inspecting a farm, monitoring a mine or whatever project you’re looking to accomplish.

You can also install apps from our app marketplace that will allow you to install advanced flight planning applications, operational management tools or industry specific integrations. You can also manage your settings and have access to support whenever you need it.

To begin let’s create a new project. Each new project can be created anywhere in the world and has a defined location, I can search by name zip code or specific coordinates for now I’ll create a project right here.

I’ll give it a name. And once you’ve created a project you can manage your entire workflow, you can create new and reusable flight templates.

Here you can upload maps images or GCPs and once your maps have processed you can explore and analyze them and generate reports like annotation and progress reports. In the next video you’ll discover how to create and fly your first flight template.