Onboarding Video Script (198 words)

Hi, I’m Kirk and I work for Collective Health. Today I’m walk through some of the most common questions we receive from people who are interested in learning more about what we do.

How does Collective Health work?

You can think of it in four phases: connect, run, engage and optimize.

First, connect. We’re going to bring together your networks, your core HR systems, and your third party programs in one connected platform.

Next, run. We actually adjudicate your claims. We manage eligibility. We process payments.

Third, engage. Think of us as that end-to-end employee experience. Everything from the mobile apps, to the paperwork they receive, to who they call when they need help.

And finally, optimize. We’re going to help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and how you can get even more value from your healthcare investment.

If you look at what we’re doing for our clients and our members, we’re creating significantly happier members, we’re helping our clients significantly improve day to day administration, and we’re giving our clients the strategic financial control that they’ve been looking for.

If you think there’s an opportunity to give your members a better experience, think about Collective Health.