Onboarding Video Script (316 words)

So now after you design your newsletter add different blocks, change background colors or add a text or whatever you want to do, you can save this design as a template. Just go to Actions and click ‘Save as template’.

Give your template a name, ‘Save’, this just lets you know that all these templates are stored in ‘My Templates’ – ‘Continue editing email’ and done editing. Now you can send this newsletter if you want but let’s look at the ‘My Templates’ section which is at the top right drop down menu go to ‘My templates’ and here’s the new template we just created.

You can start a new campaign by clicking create campaign, edit the template, duplicate it or delete it all from this screen ‘Preview’ and ‘Edit’ is also here.

You can also create new templates by using this button here and now whenever you go to ‘Campaigns’ and create a new campaign give it a name, click ‘Next’ you will have the usual ‘Recent emails’, ‘Template gallery’, ‘Start from scratch’ screen but this time you’ll also have ‘My Templates’.

And once you create more templates this will fill up. Another new thing we added in the template gallery now is a way to find the specific templates you need, for example, if you just want the holiday templates just click ‘Holiday’ and there you go.

All these new little features should save you a lot of time I hope you will enjoy them let us know how you like them I hope you liked this video and I’ll see you in the next tutorial.

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