Onboarding Video Script (410 words)

-Simon Ritchie: Welcome to Anaplan Ask Me Anything my name is Simon Ritchie I’m a senior director of product management here at Anaplan, I’ve been with the company for coming up on six years.

In product management we work with our customers and our engineering teams, we speak to our customers we work out what they need from our solution and then we work with our design and engineering teams to build out those solutions and get them to our customers so they can plan more effectively with Anaplan.

So one of the main questions we get asked is ‘why did you build a new user experience?’ and ‘how is it different from what we use today?’ We built the New user experience because we want to get more people involved in planning, we want planning to be a team sport.

The new user experience is designed to be intuitive, fast and easy to use and it’s also going to be available on multiple devices you can download our app from the mobile app store you can use it on mobile straightaway it’s also available in web browsers and you can use it on whatever size screen you’ve got.

Anaplan is want to know what is so good about the New UX and what I’d say is we have got an amazing design and engineering team and they have built this thing so awesome.

It is ready to go, it’s fast to learn, it’s easy for you to get your job done really quick, we’ve made a bunch of smaller enhancements we add up to a whole lot so you can get your job done much faster.

Lastly users want to know what is the number 1 thing you should think about when you start looking at the New UX.

I suggest you take the time to learn the new framework we’ve added some new tools to the tool bag, we’ve added some new options there’s new page layouts, there are a variety of ways that you can build the experience for your users.

So this is an opportunity to have a rethink and to really step back, take some time to learn what we’ve built and the new options the new page layouts that we’ve got, so that you can build the best pages for your user experience.

Thanks for joining me to learn a little bit more about the New UX and with that Anaplan is Ask Me Anything.