Onboarding Video Script (308 words)

Hi everyone today we’re gonna cover Creating your First Pipeline in Streak.

After you’ve installed, on the left-hand side, you’ll notice a tab in Gmail called ‘Pipelines’. We’ll click the plus sign which will take us to a couple of predetermined templates that we have for different business processes from sales all the way down to a blank template where you can track anything and start from scratch. For today we’re gonna click on ‘Sales Deals’.

Before the pipeline is created will ask if you would like to share this pipeline or make it private so that only you have access to it. For me I have a team of 5 so I want to share this to all my entire team.

After the pipeline is created you’ll notice under my ‘pipeline’s’ tab on the left side in Gmail you’ll see ‘Sales Deals’. If we click on Sales Deals this is going to be the pipeline view inside Gmail where you’re able to track the different steps or stages of your business process.

To edit the different stages in your process you can click on the Stage Manager here with the gear icon where you have the ability to change the different colors for the theme. So for this one I want Aurora and actually edit the different stages you have in your business process.

So for our team we actually go from Lead, Contacted to Demo, so we can delete the Pitched stage by clicking the trash icon. And instead of Negotiating we’re gonna change this to Shipping and then hit ‘Apply’.

After we made our edits you’ll notice the theme for our pipeline has changed. We’ve deleted the stage we didn’t need and then rename stage for Shipping is listed. Our next video will cover how to edit the columns in your pipeline and add different deals.