HowTo Video Tutorial Script (230 words)

Hi, my name is Polomi. I’m a product specialist at Zendesk and I want to tell you about chatbots. Providing live chat support means getting back to customers quickly and often with the same set of answers over and over again. As your company grows and you get more customers it can become tough to maintain that same level of support.

That’s why we built the Chatbot solution, it lets you easily integrate AI-powered bots into Zendesk chat so you can give your customers faster support and your agents a helping hand. You have the flexibility to build a bot yourself partner with a third party bot provider or get your neighbor’s kid to build one. With a Chatbot in place common questions will be automatically answered any time of day or night and without delay leaving your human agents a whole lot of free time to focus on more complex or sensitive tasks.

On Zendesk chat human agents and bots always work as a team, if a bot can handle a request it can collect important information from the customer and then handover the conversation to an agent ensuring your customers still receive a human touch because people do still like talking to other people.

Human agents plus Chatbots a dream team that enables faster response times, more productive agents and happier customers. Thanks a lot for tuning in.