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-Leah Liebl: What do your customers think about chatbots?

Chatbots are popping up everywhere nowadays and it feels like every business either has one or really wants one. But how do consumers feel about chatbots? Are they welcoming toward the idea of a digital helper or would they rather just talk to a human?

We were interested in hearing honest consumer perspectives on the matter, so we asked them! Here are the top five facts you need to know.

Number one, customers prefer instant chatbot support to waiting for a human agent. Whether it’s at the grocery store, the bank or in line at Magic Mountain. No one enjoys waiting their turn. That’s why when given the choice, a customer would rather immediately speak to a chatbot than wait for a human agent.  However…

Number two, customers want it to be easy to escalate an issue to a human agent. If the issue or situation is too complex for a chatbot to handle, a customer wants an easy way to contact an agent.

Handovers are possible at any time with LiveChat. Like tacos and Tuesdays, Live Chat agents and chatbots make great pair. When a customer sends a message, a chatbot immediately springs into action based on the customers needs. If she wishes to speak to an agent, the chat is forwarded right away.

Number three, a chatbot should never pretend to be human. Nobody likes to be deceived. The internet makes it easy to be someone you’re not. But chatbot catfishes are not good when it comes to online support. Not only will your customers feel frustrated but you’ll risk losing their trust.

59% of respondents said a chatbot should always make it clear that they are a bot. Can you blame them? The so-called uncanny valley is a creepy place. Give your chatbot a catchy name and a non humanoid picture to make its identity obvious.

Number four, people think chatbots are innovative. Chatbots can heavily reduce your service costs but does it make your company look cheap? More than a quarter of respondents said a company actually seems innovative if they have a chatbot. In fact, many customers agree that a chatbot doesn’t cheapen the company at all. It’s a double win! Chatbots can be cheap to use and you don’t need to worry about customers thinking less about your business.

Number five, people trust chatbots with basic requests. Whether it’s a question about shipping, pricing or an order status, customers trust chatbots to give them the quick information they need. But more than half of the respondents said that chatbots have trouble resolving difficult issues. So let your agents handle the complicated disputes and use chatbots to help solve the small stuff.

If you’re interested in learning more about consumer chatbot perceptions, you can find the link to our full survey in the description below. And if you’re in the market for a direct channel of communication for your website, check out Userlike! Thanks for watching, happy chatting!