HowTo Video Tutorial Script (249 words)

Without video, you would never know what this looks like or this.

From Cronkite to Colbert, videos continue to capture our attention, but how and why we watch videos has changed.

Instead of one screen, we now have many: phones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs, even refrigerators.

Instead of mass-produced shows and ads created for us, we can create videos simply and distribute them instantly.

Videos have come a long way, so why hasn’t our video strategy?

When it comes to businesses creating videos, we might as well still be in 2008 stuck in a time when a video was just an awareness play.

Something left to big brands with big agencies and even bigger budgets.

Something a lot of people watched, but only a few connected to.

Let’s leave 2008 videos where they belong… in the past.

And let’s start creating videos for today.

Videos today should be more personal than polished.

People care about authenticity, not effects.

Videos today should be short and engaging.

People want to watch helpful content, not feature films.

Videos today should be an important part of your entire business strategy.

Because companies can no longer rely solely on ads to generate revenue, they need to connect with people during every step of the customer journey.

That’s why we’re introducing HubSpot Video – a new feature woven throughout our platform.

So everyone on your team can create video that is as memorable as a game-winning goal.

Grow better with HubSpot Video.