HowTo Video Tutorial Script (485 words)

The Vault Study Startup Homepage provides a clear and complete snapshot of startup progress. Start-up specialists manage many tasks across multiple studies, sites and processes. Activities are typically tracked manually using multiple systems or trackers and there’s a need for better visibility into critical tasks and activities to help answer the question — what do I need to focus on today?.

On the startup homepage I can filter by study, country or site. ‘Site Startup Progress’ allows me to track sites that are approaching green light and for newly selected sites I can send a document package with a couple clicks to start the initiation process. The upcoming site green lights area allows me to focus my attention on any at-risk or overdue milestones related to site green light activities for the sites that I’m managing. I can click through to take quick action and I can also turn on or off any of the risk categories.

Upcoming submissions allows me to view the status of any milestones related to ethics committee submissions on the country or site level. Again clicking in allows me to take quick action on those milestones. All tasks assigned to me for my sites are available on the home page. From here I can take action to complete or reassign the task or click in for additional details about the task or document.

Other tasks related to sites within the United Kingdom can also be managed — for example any overdue tasks can be quickly reassigned to other users as needed. Upcoming milestones provides visibility into any plan milestones related to my sites. The milestone hovercard displays the status of any dependent milestones as well as the expected documents required to complete this milestone.

Finally green light planning and progress allows me to see information about site green lights and how that compares to our plan. I’m able to click and drag into a specific date range for additional details. I’m now going to jump over to our zero seven five study where I can see that I have a couple tasks assigned to me.

The site has uploaded a 1572 and I need to assess the outcome. I’m able to view the document in line within Vault and note any issues such as the 1572 not being signed. Completing the task allows me to indicate that the site needs to sign the document and upload it again.

In summary, the Vault Study Startup Homepage provides startup specialist an efficient way to manage tasks across multiple studies, countries and sites. It eliminates the need to use multiple systems or trackers and it provides better visibility into critical

tasks and activities so startup specialists can focus on what’s most important.

Vault Study Startup provides capabilities that eliminate costly study startup delays. To learn more about Vault Study Startup please visit our website or contact Ashley Davidson to arrange a live demonstration, thank you!