HowTo Video Tutorial Script (603 words)


Terrible for the environment, fantastic for managing your deals and your projects too.

Set them up in Insightly to help your whole team follow the right processes.
And help you manage things from a higher level. Let’s check it out.

Alright, so here’s a list of opportunities.

And here are the pipelines.

Yeah, and you can see in the each of those pipelines, the current stage that each of those opportunities are in, with a little highlighted area there.

So this is useful just to understand where your opportunities are in your sales process. Now, when you create a new opportunity, you’ll have the option to drop it into a pipeline.

In our fictional business, we have three different kinds of pipeline, so we’ll just drop it into one of them. And it automatically pulls in the very first stage of that pipeline.

And as soon as you click save, it is in stage one needs analysis.

So Tony, obvious question. Now, how do we set up these pipelines?

So we will go to system settings in the profile menu in the upper right. And we’ll select the pipeline’s section.

Alright, so here we’ve got five different pipelines that we’ve already created. And you can see their name, how many stages in each one. And whether they’re for opportunities or four projects.

That at the bottom, you can see, you can quickly add a new pipeline by entering a name, choosing whether it’s for opportunities or projects and clicking the Add pipeline button.

Go here to edit stages. And let’s add some stages to it.

Okay, stage one.

That’s very creative, John.

Let’s forget about probability and activities. That’s right now, just add a few stages.
All right, and it’s all saved.
So as soon as we go back to our opportunities, create a new one.

You can see that we can drop it straight into that pipeline and choose which stage we want it to be in.

That’s right.

Now, there are a couple of fields we didn’t fill in for these.

So let’s go back and look at those. You can put in a probability for each of your stages.


So maybe in stage one of your sales process, you end up closing 20% of those deals. So by putting in 20% here, Insightly reporting will give you your projected revenue based on this probability and the value of the deal.

While you can manually fill in the probability of winning field in your opportunities, this will do it for you.

So as you change the stage, Insightly will automatically update the opportunity.

Now the other field that you can set up here is the activity set.

Activity sets are groups of tasks or events.

And you can see that these activity sets have a number there, that means the number of items that are in each of them.

So if we save that to this stage, you can change the stage in your pipeline, and Insightly will automatically create those tasks for you.

Super cool, super powerful.

Here we’ve got the three tasks that have to be accomplished in order to close a deal. And so you can assign the responsibility so that your sales process becomes a true machine.

And that’s just one step towards automation.

You can actually set up workflows to trigger many more things either when you change the stage, or to change the stage for you and other things happen.

There you go.

Use pipelines to set up a path for your team to follow.

If you do a good job but nobody will protest.