HowTo Video Tutorial Script (304 words)

-Nathan Mannheimer: The inclusion of AI and machine learning is one of the most powerful trends we’re going to see in business in this century.

-Michael Hetrick: It’s great to have a machine recommend something to you. You need to be able to trust it.

-Josh Parenteau: No one’s going to trust a black box when making decisions so that might mean being able to open the hood to have a data scientist explore the rationale for choosing a model or presenting findings to the user.

-Vidya Setlur: It’s really important for the system to explain to the user why it’s going about a certain decision and asking for clarification along the way.

-Nathan Mannheimer: That means that we are training people and empowering people and finding the right human resources who we can trust and who we know that when they look at data they know the right questions to ask, they have a accountable and trustworthy sourcing an audit trail on that data.

-Dustin Smith: At Google one of the things we really see is data scientists and people who are actually building a lot of these ML models wanting to show the granularity of what they’re using to the line of business analysts to build that trust.

-Anthony Gould: To trust the output of a machine learning algorithm or machine learning model within the business it needs to land in a way that also resonates with the way that they understand their business.

-Josh Parenteau: Its buying into AI as the next wave of BI and actually building that that trust and transparency into how the outcome was generated.

-Nathan Mannheimer: So we’re both empowering larger numbers of people to do things they couldn’t do before and we’re making those experts that already are in the field that much more powerful.