HowTo Video Tutorial Script (366 words)

In this video we will show you how you can book a flight and a hotel. To go to the travel module, click ‘Travel’ on the left navigation. Via the travel module you can book your business trips. Simply click the airplane icon to start searching for a flight.

You will need to choose where you want to fly from and to and the date for your departure and return. Enter any other details that might apply to you and click ‘Search’.

On the next page results will start to compile showing you all the flights available from several airlines. On the top you can use different filters to refine your search and you can use different criteria to sort the results and modify their display.

Click ‘Select’ to choose the first and second legs of your round trip. If the details of the journey looks okay you can click ‘Select’ and you will be able to choose your seat. If you wish to add any additional services you can do that too.

When you’re ready to book the ticket review the sales conditions of your flight and click book. If your company doesn’t have central billing yet you will be redirected to a checkout page where you can pay for the flight with your credit card.

Booking a hotel is very similar to booking a flight. Click on the hotel icon to go to the hotel search page. Fill in the search panel depending on the needs of your trip. When you hit search, the map will start populating with hotels relevant to your search criteria.

If you click on a hotel you’ll be able to read the description of the hotel and find out more information about the hotel amenities.

To show the available rooms, click ‘show rates’. Now you can select your prefered room and continue to check-out. Hit ‘next’ to continue your booking. If you confirm the sales conditions, you’ll be able to finalize your booking.

Once you’ve paid for your trip it will be confirmed. You can get your confirmation voucher from the button below. This confirmation voucher can be used to check-in to the hotel

Bon voyage!