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Everyone, Im Howard Pinske Senior XD Evangelist at Adobe. Last month we dropped a pretty hefty update which you can read all about  at

We were far from finish and have a lot planned for this year. This month worshipping a few extra goodies, including the ability to select and edit multiple prototype wires at the same time, the plugins panel and super and subscript text transformations. Let’s take a look.

In previous versions of XD, dragging a prototype wire to another artboard would reveal a pop-up, but in todays release we are shifting the properties over to the right to not only give us room for additional prototyping tools were actively building but to also allow you to select and edit multiple wires at once.

Here’s a fairly complex project I’ve been working on that utilizes time triggers to transition from artboard to artboard and I initially sent each with a 0.4 second delay and the easing set to snap. But after looking at this again, it’s just not working. Thankfully making changes is now incredibly simple.

Instead of having to select an edit each transition individually, I can simply drag out the selection across all of my screens, which will automatically select all the artboard based wires. I can now hop over to the new Properties Inspector over to the right and edit them all at once. At double the delay to 0.8 seconds and switch the easing to in-out.

Launching the preview one more time the transitions are looking quite a bit better. Of course, this also works on a smaller scale as well. So you have just a few elements wire up leading to another artboard, but they all contain slightly different properties. With a wire up object selected a hold down my shift key and then click on another wire up object.

Now that I have a few selected the properties of both can be updated just like before, but this time you noticed that because some of the values were different across both wires a line is present. Since I want to make sure that these are the same I’ll jump in and set new values.

With that set no matter which wire I select the values will be the same giving me a much more consistent prototype. The next improvement we’re shipping in June is the plugins panel, which you can find right along side your layers and assets.

With so many incredible plugins finding their way into XD we wanted to make sure their front and center. When the panel is open you’ll see you recurrently install plugins many of which now expand to reveal the options right within the panel.

If you haven’t explored the powerful world of plugins yet or you simply need more in your life the plus button at the top will launch the browser. We have a lot more in store for the plugins experience. So definitely stay tuned.

The final Edition to the June update are more texts transformations. Last month, we added upper case, lower case and strike through and this month we’re adding sub and superscript.

When within a text layer select the characters you wish to transform and then hit either of the new icons over to the right to set a slightly below or slightly above the line of type.

And that’s a quick look at the June update to Adobe XD further laying the groundwork for some really exciting features we have coming in the future. To continue our XD Journey headed over to and I ll see you soon.