HowTo Video Tutorial Script (412 words)

-Narrator: If you work in the sales industry, you’ve probably heard the stats.

Sales is consistently rated as the least trusted profession. Buyers don’t want to talk with sales reps until they’re ready to.

Most of the information they need is available online or provided by friends and family.

If the modern salesperson wants to survive, it’s time to rethink their role and how technology plays into that.

Buyers today make quick purchasing decisions. Sales reps need to be able to connect with customers as soon as they reach out.

-Shawn Lucas: You know, if they’re creating an account with us, they’re probably also testing out some other platforms. So getting to them as quickly as possible is critical.

Sales reps who aren’t using technology can miss out on crucial opportunities or reach out when it’s too late.

-David Scilabro: So a company who’s managing inbound leads say through email or through Excel spreadsheets by the time they get the results, they’re old, they’re stale, and by the time they can actually try to contact these people that do anything with it it’s almost too late.

-Narrator: In the past if a customer wanted to learn more about a product they had to speak to a sales rep.

Today, finding this information is as easy as clicking “search”.

To remain relevant, reps can’t just recite facts and figures, they need to be the world’s best consultant.

-David Scilabro: You know using the software allows us to not only track it but to kind of continue the conversation right with progressive profiling, learning more about them, and asking more qualification questions as we go down the process to keep customizing the nurture path we put them down to open up the conversations to have better more specific conversations to help their clients solve their problems.

-Narrator:Sales used to be like the Wild West. Every rep operated on their own completely disconnected from other reps and departments.

But with a CRM everyone in the company can see specific accounts, leads and their contact history.

-Shawn Lucas: We’re now able to create better continuity and be able to kind of sync and create better synergy from one team to the next, and understand better the customer experience that we’re creating.

-Narrator: At the end of the day, sales tech allows sales reps to leave the pushy salesman stereotype in the past and focus on growing better by building relationships and garnering trust in clients.