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Now I have a site deployed to Netlify but I have a hunch that my current background is not converting traffic to my blog below.  Not sure about this, so I want to actually AV test different versions of my site to get some actual data behind my hypothesis. Luckily, I can do this with Netlifly’s Split Testing feature.

Now back of my site dashboard up in the site menu you can find an option called Split Testing. Now below you can see I already have a test, set up but not started and this tests actually set up between two different branches on my github repo. Before I start this test I actually want to add a little more confidence to this.

Once I make my changes I can hit save and then start my test. I can now return to my live site and now see my branch live with a new background. You can find out more about Split Testing and how to add Split Testing conversion data to your analytics tool such as Google Analytics in the Netlify documentation.