HowTo Video Tutorial Script (351 words)

Hey there everyone, welcome to another one of our Streak tutorials. Today we’ll be discussing Magic Columns. For those unfamiliar with Magic Columns they are unique and powerful feature within Streak, since triggers inside your Gmail, important data such as data blasts email or incomplete tasks count, are calculated for you. So you can clear this backlog from your to-do list.

To insert a new column in all you do is scroll to the right hand side of your pipeline here, and hit the plus sign. In addition to that you can also add in a column from the small that menu on each one of your columns. Let’s start off with simple one ‘Date created’. I’ll go to ‘insert new column’, ‘Magic Columns’ and select  ‘Date created’. As you can see here these dates will fill it in for me from the time that I created this lead.

I can also add a timestamp to that by changing the format to reflect the time. Let me show you guys one in real time. I’m gonna add in a new box here, and it should reflect today’s date and time and of course it does.

Here’s another example ‘Incomplete Tasks Count’. Once you create tasks and added in will capture that incomplete. So if I open up ‘Fox Novels’ here I’ll see there’s one for to ‘Build deck for demo’… once I check that off, the task count will drop to zero.

Here’s our most popular one ‘Date of last email’. This will capture not only the last time that you sent an email but the last time that you received one as well, meaning if I sent out an email on the 25th and I don’t hear back from my lead until the 28th, I’ll need to come in and lock that we will track that for you. This would be helpful for follow-ups, which we’ll cover in a different video.

So there you have it, not only that Streak makes it easy to customize your pipeline and Magic Columns can come in and help you fill in the gaps.