HowTo Video Tutorial Script (627 words)

You can find and view all the dashboards you have viewing or editing permissions for – even across different accounts – from the New Relic One Dashboards landing page.

Dashboards in New Relic One are a whole new, re-envisioned experience, with a new landing page where you can see all the dashboards you have access to across all of your accounts.

Now, you can access the data and visualizations all in one place so you can spend less time looking for something and more time solving problems.

To navigate to the dashboards landing page, simply click the “Dashboards” tile from the New Relic One homepage. Take a moment to explore this page for yourself – you’ll be able to find every dashboard you’ve ever created in Insights right here in the list. And, any new dashboards you create either here or in Insights will be available in both Insights and New Relic One Dashboards from now on.

There are several important features at the top of the page I want to show you. I can create a new dashboard right now by simply clicking the “Create a Dashboard” button.

I can search for a dashboard by dashboard name or author using the “Search” field, located just below the “Filter” field on the left. And, if I can’t remember details about the dashboard, I can narrow the list of dashboards being displayed in New Relic One by account number.

I can also use the minimize feature to see more results on the page. To do this, I’ll click the arrow on the right side of the page. This hides the “Create a Dashboard” button, and the “Filter” and “Search” fields, allowing me to see more of the results table.

To open the hidden area again, I’ll simply click the arrow a second time. When I find the dashboard I want, I can mark it as a favorite by clicking the star icon.

The next time I’m on the New Relic One homepage, I’ll see my favorited dashboards listed at the bottom. I can use this list to jump right to my most important dashboards. Back on the dashboards landing page, I can sort the list of dashboards by clicking a column header.

I can sort by dashboard name, created by, last edited, and created on. I can even sort by favorites! The dashboards displayed right now are ones I have at least viewing permissions for, across all the New Relic accounts I have access to.

Whether I can edit a dashboard depends on the settings the dashboard creator used. If I see a really great dashboard that I want to use, but don’t have editing permission for, or just don’t want to make a lot of changes to someone else’s dashboard, I can make a copy.

To do this, I’ll simply hover over a row until I see the option to “Clone dashboard.” I’ll click this now – and a copy of the dashboard is created in my account.

I get a confirmation banner letting me know the dashboard was successfully cloned. I can click the link to go directly  to my new dashboard. Now, when I search on my name in the New Relic One Dashboard search field to see all of my dashboards – there’s my cloned copy! I’ll be able to edit this dashboard however I want.

Finally, I can delete a dashboard by hovering over the row and clicking “Delete dashboard.” When I do this, a warning panel opens telling me this action is permanent and cannot be undone. Take a moment right now to explore the New Relic One Dashboards landing page and try out these features for yourself!