HowTo Video Tutorial Script (313 words)

Whenever we decide anything our design mantra or our design essential or what we keep in mind when you’re designing is to never solve the problem too literally.

So whatever you going to brief the easiest thing to do is to read the brief and just to solve the problem right there because it’s very obvious you can do that, but you should always start to step to the side of the problem and rephrase it in away that would actually allow you to come up with something slightly more interesting.

When I was in college and I was studying design, my thesis advisor told me – and I always remember it – he said ‘if I were to give you guys a brief and the brief said – redesign the tooth brush – tomorrow you guys all come back with something that looks like a toothbrush’.

What a good designer does when he gets a brief that says redesign the toothbrush is he rephrases the problem on his own head to not redesign a toothbrush, but think of a new way to clean your mouth because now the problem is far more open.

And it allows you to come up with something that might be better than a toothbrush, but certainly doesn’t look anything like a toothbrush. So whenever you’re designing you always have to give yourself a space to rephrase the problem, so that you basically access your creativity in a different way and that’s really what I think you guys should do here.

Sure! you can solve this problem very literally you can design and app and do all the things you have to do, or you can look at those requirements and think of it  slightly differently so that maybe you come up with something new and radical that hasn’t been done yet.