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After you share your first marketing video there are a lot of things that you can measure, but which analytics are the best indicators of whether the message you are trying to send is being heard?

If you’re trying to use video to push your sales and marketing teams forward, you need to spend your time measuring these 3 metrics.

Who watches your video, and how long they watched.

Who rewatches your video and click through rate.

Your audience, are they men? Women? How old are they and where are they from?

This is important because with data like this, you can get insights on who your brand is resonating with, maybe despite your intentions.

Knowing who is watching helps you be more specific in your messaging and to tailor content to a specific group.

How long did anyone watch your video?

Are people interested in what you think they are?

Should you revise how you explain this portion of your product?

Did people drop off after 30 seconds? 10 seconds? 3 seconds?

Knowing this is crucial to knowing if your video has actually addressed something people want answers to, if it’s doing it in an understandable way and if it’s on the right channels.

If you put it in a depth tutorial on Facebook for example, it may be the wrong channel.

But if you put that same video on YouTube and push it on your website at the product’s landing page, it could hold retention very well.

Consider re-watches to be how many times a person has seen either whole or part of your video.

Rewatches tell you that someone has been mulling over what you presented them.

They’ve moved into the consideration stage with you and your product.

This can also tell you which topics or sections of the video are most interesting or relevant to your prospect and this knowledge can help you to start a strong foundational conversation with them.

Marketers can also use this metric to build super-targeted email lists and other targeted content.

Click-through rate is the number of times your CTA is clicked, divided by the number of times it is viewed.

CTR is a great indicator of how effective your video is at encouraging people to take your desired action.

If your CTR is low, consider revising your call-to-action design or copy or another part of your video altogether.

Maybe your video isn’t clear enough. Maybe it’s too long or doesn’t explain what the real benefits are.

But a steady CTR is a good sign you are breaking through with your video’s message.

Always keep in mind that these analytics should give you insights about your audience’s behavior first and foremost so that you can help your audience find the solutions that they are looking for and help you sell in the right way.