HowTo Video Tutorial Script (333 words)

Square makes it easy to allow your customers to sign for their payments and add gratuity on digital or printed receipts.

To collect tips from your customers, go to the menu and tap “settings”. Then tap “tipping”. Toggle “collect tips” on.

Choose if you’d like preset tip amounts or if you’d like your tips to be a percentage of the sale.

And if you’d like to collect the tip after or before taxes, choose whether you’d like to allow custom amounts. Select between showing your tip options on the signature screen or on a separate screen.

If you choose to display on a separate tipping screen, your customers tip after the payment has been processed.

To offer your customers printed receipts, first connect a compatible receipt printer and configure it to your device.

Go to your menu, tap “settings”. Tap “printer” and select your printer. Then turn on receipts.

Next, return to settings, tap “signature and receipt”. Select always collect signatures, and finally select “Sign on printed receipt”.

Let customers write in the tip amount or choose from three preset options on a quick tip receipt. With printed receipts, you need to record or settle the final payment amount on each sign receipt daily.

There are two options for settling payments:

To settle payments individually, go to the menu and then tap transactions. Payments that need to be settled have a clock icon. Tap a payment and enter the tip amount. Tap add, and the settled dollar signs total.

To settle payments in bulk, open the menu. Tap transactions and then tap the credit card icon in the top left corner. Enter or select the tip amount for each payment. Tap settle, and then tap confirm settled.

You have 36 hours to settle payments. After that, all unsettled payments will be automatically assigned a zero dollar tip.

And that’s how you accept tips digitally or on printed receipts with Square.

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