HowTo Video Tutorial Script (535 words)

-Josh Allen: We use video extensively here at Drift. We use video a lot in our sales team. We have tested lots of iterations of the types of video we sent out. Why? Because we want to know what works so we’re looking or measuring what’s happening and there are different types of videos – and I think the hard part that we’ve heard from sales leaders is like.

I love the idea of video because it’s a more human to human connection that you’re driving with a potential buyer but as soon as the red light goes on it’s crickets, it’s like you’re not sure what to say or not sure how to say it, you’re not sure what’s powerful and then you just kind of ramble on and run on and suddenly have a three-minute video that you send to a customer that they see is three minutes long and they never open it up.

So what we use video for is to have a very specific action out of it. So when we send a video let’s say as a prospecting video, we know that this is just to introduce somebody to the concept of Drift, it’s somebody who’s cold, who’s never interacted with us, never engage with us but we feel like it’s a human a human connection and this is just kind of planting a seed to let them know.

And we can understand if they watch the video, how much of the video they have watched to understand if it’s been forwarded on, if it’s something that they are actually consuming and using. And then there’s the next step in the process so if it’s if it’s follow-up or we have an evaluation coming up or it’s post evaluation.

You can use video to send a quick 30-second summary of here’s what we review in the evaluation, these were the questions that came up that I have as an action to go find out and you have these questions to go find out internally.

I’m gonna reach out to you next week on Friday at 10 a.m. as we discuss. It’s just that!  It’s a nice touch like it’s a good way to continue the conversation.

You can’t hide behind video video is you, it’s you exposed to the world, it’s your tone, your facial expressions, it’s the way you present yourself,it’s who you are, and I think it makes it easier for buyers to be able to connect with you and understand at least at a human level whether or not you’re somebody they want to engage with and they think can bring value to their business and to their role and to the problems that they’re trying to tackle.

If you’re to make 10 cold calls let’s say it takes a half hour, let’s say it takes three minutes each. For a high-quality video that you can record quickly let’s say it’s 30 seconds 45 seconds that is a much better use of time and the data that we have in terms of open rate, meetings booked and pipeline generated when we send a video would suggest that but you’re much better off doing that level of quality outreach.