HowTo Video Tutorial Script (219 words)

-Padma Sankar: Hi and welcome to ideas of hacks. All of us have different service experiences in our personal and professional lives.

Similarly, IT and users expectations depend on your personal life service encounters. There is a popular code ‘happy employees make happy customers’.

Today I’m going to give you 3 hacks on how to delight your IT end users. Firstly, let the end users know what’s going on. Keep your users inform the head.

Make proactive announcements, share your ID initiatives and innovations across the organization and not just with the management, automate your alerts and notifications to send triggers at the right time. Secondly, provide multiple-touch points that your users love.

Understand your end user preference and provide as many touch points as possible to not restrict your users to connect to IT from their personal devices.

Set up an IT kiosk within your organization, set up an IT group in the enterprise social network, and also provide a set for faster connectivity.

Lastly, build an emotional connection with your end users, get real time feedback from your users, or just them as customers provide rewards and badges for better self service adoption.

Last but not the least, thank you end users. Therefore, positive end user experience builds trust and also improves productivity. Thank you and happy supporting.