HowTo Video Tutorial Script (252 words)

Hey! this is Andy from InVision and I’ll be your guide through these training videos.

To get you started I’ll teach you how to set up your first project so let’s jump in.

This is your projects page, when you’re creating a new project you have a number of options to choose from so whether you’re designing for desktop, mobile or tablet we’ve got you covered.

They look great on the actual devices too.

Okay, so we’re inside of that newly created project to add screens just drag and drop files right from your desktop.

Once they’re loaded in you can easily get organized by creating custom sections just clicking between any two rows of screens and add a name to your section.

If you click into any of those screens you’ll find yourself in preview mode here you can preview your project at full size.

When you click the  cogwheel in the bottom right corner you can change your design alignment, set your designs to scale to fit smaller browsers and even add background images.

While you’re at it be sure to try out our auto stretch feature, we automatically generate a background image from the edge pixels of your design it’s a total time-saver.

All this project creation and screen uploading is possible without ever opening your browser

just download our desktop sync app from the InVision website and create projects by creating new folders, then upload screens and assets by saving directly to their project folders on your desktop.