HowTo Video Tutorial Script (221 words)

Welcome to another TalentLMS tutorial!

To evaluate your learners’ progress, you need to design a test within your course, log in as an instructor and enter the course that interests you. Click Add- Test, give it a name and you’re ready to add your questions. As you can see TalentLMS offers several question types you can choose from. Let’s create a multiple-choice question.

Type your question add all the possible answers and check the correct one, if you want you can add feedback to show up after learners submit their answers, you can also add tags to categorize your questions, now click Save.

What about one more? Let’s go with the drag-and-drop. Again type your question and define the matching pairs, if you want add feedback and tags. Hit save when you’re ready.

After you’ve added your questions select which ones you’d like to include in your test by clicking the Add button next to each one, click set question in order to arrange them.

In the test options tab you can set duration, pass score, how many times learners who failed can repeat the test and much more. For add security you can even require your learners to take a snapshot or insert a password so they can unlock the test, click Save and View your test is now live.