HowTo Video Tutorial Script (181 words)

-Eliav Cohen: I’m also a hot-air balloon pilot, how I got into drift in the first place and when I was creating ads for the hot-air balloon company specifically for example is for people who had an anniversary in 30 days.

Now here’s what’s aqua. I create this amazing super contextual personalized ad that I spent all this money on talking about someone’s the anniversaries that target someone’s anniversary and they come onto the site and it just says ‘hi can I help you?’ Super awkward!

Right into the idea that you really want to make sure is that context fits so if you come from an ad abouts when you as an anniversary within 30 days it should say ‘congrats on your upcoming anniversary!’

Now the reason that’s not weird is because there’s context so if you’ve already talked to someone through email or you’ve already talked to someone who they’ve seen some of the other piece of your content where they clicked on your ad you get that opportunity to be the highly contextual and create a massive engagement.