HowTo Video Tutorial Script (320 words)

When it comes to adding a YouTube ‘subscribe’ button to your website you could use a button or an image that has a hyperlink to your YouTube channel, but let’s take it a step further. We’re going to embed an actual subscribe button that allows users to interact without ever leaving your site and it can even display your current sub count.

To do this you need your channel ID and it’s real simple to grab. Click your account icon in the top right of YouTube and go to settings. On the left hand side select ‘Advanced settings’. Under account information you’ll see your YouTube channel ID. Make sure you keep this saved for the next step.

Now let’s go on over to Here you will find a lot of resources but we’re gonna scroll down under ‘Subscribe Buttons’ and simply click ‘Add a Button’ taking a look at the options the first thing we need to do is insert the channel ID that we just got from our settings.

Then we could decide if we want to use a default layout or the full layout, the light theme or the dark theme and if we want our subscriber count to be shown or hidden. Once you’ve configured your subscribe button simply go into the code section that Google provides and copy it. You can use this code just about anywhere you want whether that be a widget or on a page or even in Divi with a code module.

Once you added to your site save your changes and check out the final product. Just like that the subscribe button is on our site it’s interactive and it displays our current subscriber count’. If this video helped you then be sure to give it a like and subscribe for more content with that said thanks for watching and we’ll catch you in the next one.