HowTo Video Tutorial Script (558 words)

So for starters what is Google My Business, well a high-level overview of the product is that it’s a free tool that allows local businesses to connect directly with their customers and they do that through creating a Google My Business account.

Now once it’s created you have an opportunity to connect with your customers in Google search results as they google or query the products and services that you sell as they search for your business on Google Maps or if they’re interacting with businesses on Google+.

So why should you care about Google My Business? Well quite simply it increases your website’s visibility in Google search results and it makes it easier for customers to find you as they search for the products and services that your business sells.

Now it also allows you to customize the information in what’s called Google’s Knowledge Panel so the panel that appears in the right-hand sidebar of a Google search result when somebody searches for your business’s name.

I’ll discuss some of the elements that can be modified or customized in more detail in future slides but for right now just know that Google My Business allows you to customize your business’s appearance in its search results.

Next, is Google My Business puts your business on the map so you’re verified business information can appear in Google Maps helping customer find directions to your business as well as assigning a pin marker to your business’s location.

With a verified account you can also embed your business location on your website through a Google map and it also makes it easier for customers on mobile devices to pinpoint your business’s location.

Next, Google my business allows you to start conversations with your people. So Google my business provides a platform where you can share things like status updates, photos, links videos and more with your loyal fan base. Now your customers can show their appreciation for what you’re doing with readings reviews and by resharing airing your Google+ posts across the web.

There’s nothing worse than having incorrect information about your business on the web but luckily with Google My Business it allows you to share accurate information about your business including your business’s name, address, telephone number, contact information, hours of operation, business categories, a description and some of your photos.

To help you through the process of completing your Google My Business profile google has a handy bar that tells you how complete your Google My Business profile is. My recommendation always shoot for 100% it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to fill out your information.

Next, Google my business makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you through Google reviews, ratings and by commenting on your Google+ page. When a customer leaves a review for your business it appears on your Google my business page as well as in the local search results below your business is linked.

Now one tip for reviews is to shoot for at least five positive or five out of five star Google reviews. This will display a star rating below your business’s listing and assuming they’re all positive it can have a really positive impact on your website’s click-through rate. This increases the amount of customers who click on your business as opposed to your competitors.