HowTo Video Tutorial Script (440 words)

Hello and welcome to Drift Video, which is the easiest way to create and share videos that start conversations.

You can imagine all the different ways that you can use this maybe you want to use it in your sales process to send something to a potential customer.

Maybe you want to communicate something internally; maybe the decision or a process change; maybe you want to show somebody how to do something right.

This is the best tool that you can find to do just that and start a conversation out of it.

So, once you install that Chrome extension, then you have this little icon up here, that when you click on it, then you can control what you want to report right to you can report your screen and your face, you can report just the screen.

If you’re a little camera shy or just your face, if you have nothing to show on your screen you can talk microphone settings and all that fun stuff. So let’s go ahead and record a test video here.

Obviously, when you record your real video we’ll have a bit more of a purpose in that but for demo and testing purposes I’ll just do that.

So, let’s give this a title and you can trim the video and you get a nice link that you can share and it also auto creates a gift that you could share as well.

And once you take that link and send it to whoever maybe you’ll send it in a message or an email or over slack or whatever might be this is what the person viewing it will see so they can play your video on the left here and then on the right this is the conversation component of it so when someone chats in here then you as the person that made the video will get a push notification to your phone, what’s your computer and you can jump in and continue that conversation.

So, instead of hosting a meeting and getting everyone in the same room you can record a video, send them an email and start a conversation as a result of that.

It makes it really easy to avoid things like finding a time to have a demo conversation or finding a way to walk somebody through something if they’re not right next to you there’s a lot of really great uses for this  and we hope you find one that works really well for you.

If you have any questions or whatever might be feel free to reach out to us at and thanks!