HowTo Video Tutorial Script (325 words)

KiSSFLOW uses emails to notify users when they need to complete a task. You can customize the text of these emails by going to the Admin Tab. On the preferences card, there’s an option called Email Preferences.

There you will find a list of all the system emails you can customize and guess what? Some examples are winning approval request to send, or when an item is withdrawn. At the top, you have the option of turning off all the notifications. And you can also turn-off individual email application types.

If you want to edit the content of one of the templates, click Edit mail. When you were editing the email, you have the option to change the subject, text and button text.

You can change the default message to anything you want. There’s also a drop down where you can choose from several different System Fields.

Item_subject delivers the subject of the item. Item_current_task_name will give the name of the task the item is currently on. Item_initiator will show the email of the person who is part of the item and so on.

See the article on the Help site for a full list of all the terms you can use and email notifications. When you’re finished, you can save or you can revert it back to the default template.

You can also change the email notifications for individual apps. Click the left navigation menu and then click Add app preferences. Choose the app you want to edit a notification for.

You can edit these emails the same way you did the global preferences. In this menu you have another drop down to the display the names of the fields in this app, which you can use in your email applications.

You can also add specific email customizations for a specific task in your workflow. When you’re finished, click Save. That’s how to edit your email notifications in KiSSFLOW.