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Let’s look at how you can customize your ticket form. Freshdesk Ticket Form lets you collect feedback and support requests from your customers.

It can be embedded on your website, your blog or even your web app. You can customize it so that you can get all the necessary information you need to get down to work.

Log in to your support portal as an Admin. Click on the Admin tab, under general settings click on Ticket Fields the default form will be shown on this page. clicking on each field will take you to the field Properties, each field has two attributes, behavior and labeL.

They can be customized separately for agents and customers. Behavior lets you choose that the field should be compulsory when agents create or resolve a ticket.

You can also choose whether the field should be visible to customers when they create a new ticket whether they can edit it after creation and if it’s a required field when they submit the form. Some fields may be disabled while some fields would be mandatory.

You can set the name of the field as seen by your customers under a label. If you want, you can set the search or requester field to be viewed as ticket requester for customers.

You can also add your own custom fields by clicking on or dragging a field type from the top and dropping them on the ticket form. When you drop a field the field properties window will automatically open up and allow you to edit the behavior and label.

if you add a drop-down you will have an option to list the drop-down choices. You can enter the names of each choice and add extra choices by clicking on the add item button.

Clicking on the red button will delete a choice and you can click on the reorder icon adjacent to it and drag it to rearrange the choices. Remember to click on Done for each field that you edit.

You can drag and move the fields within a forum to reorganize them as you like. Click on the Save button to save your custom ticket form.Once you’re done click on the add new ticket button to create a new ticket to see the form that you just created.

You can find the code that you need to copy to embed your ticket form under the feedback widget option in your admin page. If you require any more assistance feel free to reach out to Freshdesk support.