HowTo Video Tutorial Script (513 words)

Hi! I’m gonna show you how to quickly create a job posting Freshteam and then we’ll also see how to publish it.

If you sing up as a recruiter on Freshteam, you will be able to see a Add New button in the top right corner, you can add a job posting from work. Let’s say I’m looking out for a product marketing manager.

As you type you will notice title suggestions, this is because Freshteam offers job descriptions you can choose from you can also edit them or simply write your own.

I’m just gonna go with an existing job description. After adding the job description I can make any edits if I want to maybe add or remove keywords or tweak responsibilities or just about anything.

Every job description you create will be associated with the department or type that is full time or part time and the location for which you’re hiring, if you are hiring remote workers you can use this option to mark your job as remote.

The information below your job description is private and this is will only to your higher entity, the applicants will not be able to see it.

Here you’ll be able to fill out details such as required skills, experience, job requisition code etc When you hit publish you’ll see three options you will publish the job to career site and employee portal, then you choose internal you will post it to the employee portal, and your employees can either refer people to the job or apply for it themselves.

When you choose private the job will be visible only to our hiring or sourcing team and your admins nobody else will be able to see it, and then hit publish.

You can now take a look at the job on your career side from here you’ll also be able to publish the job on various job boards.

Freshteam allows you to create a career site from scratch and then customize it to meet in the field if you want. Personalize it to make it feel more like a brand.

If you already have a career site or a career stage Freshteam also allows you to just enter the job postings into it. You can edit and start applying to jobs from right here.

On the other hand if you’d like to publish a job with job routes freshing integrates with all of these Job Boards  on our LinkedIn recruiter etc. Switch the toggle to indicate the ones you would like to publish the job to.

As candidates apply, which is reflected as numbers you have. On the job page you’ll also have a couple of other things that you can do with your job descriptions, like adding candidates from the talent for your job, creating the tracking URL for the job, creating the job specific email, publishing to social media, managing some vendors and more. So that’s it happy recruiting.

For more information you can always refer to a knowledge base all right to us at thank you!