HowTo Video Tutorial Script (502 words)

Hi everyone! On this video I’ll guide you through Pipefy’s Campaign Briefing Template. You can find this and many other templates on Pipefy’s templates store.

The briefing campaign template is focused on helping companies that run a marketing area and have multiple requests for the creation of new ad campaigns.  With this template you’ll be able to create and manage these requests a lot faster sending your marketing team all the information they need in an organized and standardized way.

To kick off this process you’ll fill in the basic information on the start form so your marketing team can process the request. It’s totally customizable as is almost everything else on Pipefy.

Make sure to provide all the necessary information. If you want to share this form with people without them having to join this pipe you can! Using a feature called ‘Public Forum’ you’ll get a public URL you can share so anyone with it will have access to the start forum.

Each new card will appear on the first phase. In this case the backlog. Here you’ll provide further information to prepare the campaign such as priority, person responsible, due date, etc.

The next phase is the doing phase time to get dirt in your hands and bring the campaign to life. While doing that you’ll need to enter some information. How are we doing this campaign? Will it be done internally?  Or will we outsource it? You’ll find an attachment field that allows you to attach the campaign files and a text one to input any lesson or information you want to share with the team.

Once the campaign is finished move it to the approval phase. On it you’ll send the client the campaign file and ask for his feedback and approval so you can finalize it or make any necessary adjustments. To ask for the clients approval you’ll use another one of Pipefy’s features email templates.

This feature allows you to create automated emails to be sent whenever you want. In this case you’re sending your client an automated email asking for his feedback with a link to download the campaign file. After the email is sent you’ll keep track of whether he approved the file and if he didn’t.  How much effort it will take to do the adjustments he asked for?

The campaign adjustments is the last active phase of your pipe. In it you’ll attach the final version of the campaign file after making the adjustments and send it to the client using an email template once more.

If the client approves we can consider this work done and move it to the done phase If by any means the campaign was not approved or cancelled just move the card to the archived phase. This pipe will help you organize and standardize your campaign creation process and make it a lot easier to receive campaign requests.

Check out Pipefy’s website for many other ways to manage your company’s processes.