HowTo Video Tutorial Script (316 words)

Hey this is Joe at the Cake product team I’m gonna take you through a quick side-by-side comparison of traditional mobile web search and Cake mobile web search. Let’s start with the search experience we’re all familiar with. So after running my query, we get this index page which of course we’re all familiar with and we’ve been seeing for decades.

I tap a result, I wait for the page to load, I get to check it out. If we want to see another result I hit back, read a little bit, select the result, again wait for the page to load. And of course back to the index if I want to check something else out, tap, wait for that page to load and that’s the experience we currently have on mobile search.

Now let’s check out how search works with Cake so I’m gonna run that same query for pangolin inside of Cake you’ll notice after I execute it my first organic search result appears immediately.

If I want to check out something else I simply swipe get the next result and continue to swipe through all my results. You’ll notice the pages are pre-loaded and I’ll have to wait to see what’s on them. So basically I get to see a ton of content really fast with Cake and instead of reading text summaries on an index I’m seeing the actual content of these pages.

So Cake has another really interesting feature. I can select a very specific search type for my query so here I switch to images and hit go, you see I immediately get image results from Google, Giphy, Bing all the top image resources on the web, so our specialized search types we currently have include video, images, news and shopping. That’s just a quick demo of how search works in Cake and we’re excited to show you more.