This - basic - video tutorial shows how Basecamp works and what it's like to organize your projects and teams in one place. Notice that - although being a tutorial - the video starts by addressing the customer's pain points, and only then moves on to the solution. With the presenter being present during the screencast, Basecamp manages to connect and build trust and rapport. Basecamp has even created a whole learning section on its website with loads of 2-minute tutorials.

HowTo Video Tutorial Script (387 words)

Hi. This is a quick demonstration of Basecamp.
Now, if you’re interested in Basecamp, you’re probably starting to notice that managing your business just with email chains and file attachments and meetings isn’t good enough anymore.
Things start to get chaotic and slip through the cracks.
You need some kind of a system to stay on top of everything.
That’s what Basecamp is: It’s one organized place for your projects, teams and company-wide communication.
Now, let me show you how it works.
This is a marketing project we’re doing right now.
Everybody who’s involved with the project sees the same thing here.
We use the message board to post updates and gather feedback on work that we’re doing.
This is so much better than messy email chains because you can see the whole story from top to bottom.
All the responses are on the record, and it’s easy to get back to it.
In the to-do section, I can assign work and see what’s done and what’s not done, without having to remind people and nag them for status all the time.
The schedule shows important dates and deadlines.
And the ‘Docs & Files’ is a place for images, assets, and files that we want everybody to find easily.
Finally, the Campfire is a simple chat room. I use it if I have a question for the group, and I’m not quite sure who to ask.
This is just one project out of many, each with a different set of people, all organised and running at the same time.
In addition to projects, we also have our teams in Basecamp: customer service, marketing, operations.
They all use the same set of tools to coordinate.
Finally, we have a place for things that everybody in the whole company needs to see. We call it the HQ.
My favorite feature here is the ‘Automatic Check-Ins’. This automatically asks a question at the end of the day, like: ‘What did you work on today?”
People answer when they have time, and their answers bubble up to everybody else.
This way, everybody knows what everybody else in the company is doing without wasting time on boring status meetings.
From the whole company to teams to individual projects: Basecamp organises everything in one place, so you can stay on top of it.