HowTo Video Tutorial Script (251 words)

Hi I’m Teresa and I’m a product specialist at Zendesk. In this video we’ll talk about increasing agent productivity with Zendesk Guide. Guide is designed to provide the best experience for agents and allow them to be as productive as possible by leveraging AI to answer questions that don’t need a human touch and to provide quick access to articles you can free up and empower agents to contribute content strengthening your knowledge base.

Here’s how, first stuff, answer back can help lead customers directly to the answers they need by offering AI powered suggestions. For questions that do need an agent’s attention the knowledge capture app with answer bots for agents provides the most relevant recommendations, they can quickly find the right article to share with the customer.

If the article solves the problem rapid resolve lets the customer close their own ticket without involving the agent. Also in the knowledge capture app agents can turn responses to common customer questions into new Help Center articles or provide feedback on articles that have outdated information.

To help grow your knowledge base intelligently content queues analyzes your customers tickets and recommends topics for future articles from there you can assign agents to write the content you need most  Once they finish you can review it all with the workflows and team publishing.

Finally user permissions, allows you to manage which articles can be viewed, edited or published by your agents, unlock the power and potential of your agents with Zendesk Guide.